is a significant issue that causes tremendous loss, chaos and suffering in the lives of the afflicted, their family and friends. It is a complex disease that impacts how one thinks, acts and relates to others. Most afflicted individuals feel that they can control their addiction, however if not treated, addiction can run a course of destruction turning once happy lives into ruin.

I have years of experience working in treatment centers specifically focused on assisting individuals with substance addiction and dependency issues. I have learned to be creative and adaptive in meeting a client “where they are at” to engage meaningful change. I endorse a strengths-based approach with my clients – focusing on their talents, interests and potential. They do not need to be shamed for their disease. If anything, they need to be freed from their own shame and from the stigma that society has placed on them. Recovery is possible if core issues are dealt with and individuals are taught to utilize healthy coping skills and access the wealth of community resources in our area.

Treatment options vary greatly according to the needs of the individual and their readiness to accept help.

Treatment for the individual:

  • Utilize Motivational Interviewing to work with individuals to increase their desire for sobriety

  • Gain insight into the root cause of addiction, develop coping skills and establish healthy goals

  • Teach mindfulness skills to slow down and interrupt the desire for immediate gratification

  • Diagnose and treat individuals with addictive issues AND mental health issues such as: depression, anxiety or trauma.

  • Treat the underlying trauma issues that may be contributing to the desire to numb pain

  • Develop and implement relapse prevention plan to reduce the likelihood of relapse

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Treatment for the Family:

  • Diagnostic Assessments – work with family members to identify needs and develop a plan of action, including various treatment options such as detox/ residential/ outpatient treatment and/or Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

  • Provide education and counseling to families as they cope with the impact of addiction on their individual lives and their family unit.

  • Provide grief counseling for family members who have lost loved ones to addiction – both literally and figuratively.

Left untreated, addictions can become progressively worse and ultimately life threatening. Don’t give up…FREEDOM is possible. Please reach out today to request a free consultation.